Local Funeral Homes




Our shop serves the following areas: Braddock, North Braddock, Rankin, Monroeville, Turtle Creek, East Pittsburgh, Forest Hills, Churchill, Wilkins, Penn Hills, Homestead, Munhall, North Versailles, Pitcairn, Squirrel Hill, Swissvale, Edgewood, Chalfant




Aldrich Funeral Homes431 E 9th Ave  HOMESTEAD, PA 15120 412-461-3400
Beloved Pet Cremations LLC1350 Lincoln Hwy Ste 2  NORTH VERSAILLES, PA 15137 412-824-0092
Charles W Trenz Funeral Home Inc11110 Frankstown Rd  PITTSBURGH, PA 15235 412-242-5100
Cooke Rowland S Funeral Home210 E End Ave  PITTSBURGH, PA 15221 412-731-5626
Coston Funeral Home427 Lincoln Ave  PITTSBURGH, PA 15206 412-661-5916
Gaines Funeral Home220 Auburn St  EAST LIBERTY, PA 15206 412-661-2200
Gene H Corl Funeral Chapel Inc4335 Northern Pike  MONROEVILLE, PA 15146 412-372-2100
George Irvin Green Funeral Home Inc3511 Main St  HOMESTEAD, PA 15120 412-461-6394
Hopewell Floyd Alex Funeral Chapel907 Lincoln Ave  EAST LIBERTY, PA 15206 412-371-3573
James C Longcrier Funeral606 Hill Ave  PITTSBURGH, PA 15221 412-241-3636
Jobe Funeral Home445 Beatty Rd  MONROEVILLE, PA 15146 412-856-4747
Jobe Funeral Home Inc118 Shaw Ave  TURTLE CREEK, PA 15145 412-823-1950
Kutch Funeral Homes107 4th Ave  BRADDOCK, PA 15104 412-271-6322
Law Jr Funeral Home Percy9406 Frankstown Rd  PITTSBURGH, PA 15235 412-241-4943
McCabe Brothers Funeral Homes6214 Walnut St  PITTSBURGH, PA 15206 412-661-6282
Morasco Chapel9406 Frankstown Rd  PITTSBURGH, PA 15235 412-731-7679
Nied Funeral Home Inc7441 Washington Ave  PITTSBURGH, PA 15218 412-271-0345
Patrick T Lanigan Funeral Home700 Linden Ave  EAST PITTSBURGH, PA 15112 412-824-8800
Patrick T Lanigan Funeral Home1111 Monroeville Ave  TURTLE CREEK, PA 15145 412-823-9350
Pearce WM O Funeral Home Inc318 Wall Ave  PITCAIRN, PA 15140 412-372-4030
Percy E Law Funeral Home1017 Center St  PITTSBURGH, PA 15221 412-243-5297
Quinlan John L Funeral Home Inc975 Airbrake Ave  TURTLE CREEK, PA 15145 412-823-3838
R V Anderson Funeral Home Inc315 E 10th Ave  HOMESTEAD, PA 15120 412-461-0987
Rapp Funeral Home Inc10940 Frankstown Rd  PITTSBURGH, PA 15235 412-241-5415
Samuel J Jones Funeral Home806 Rebecca Ave  WILKINSBURG, PA 15221 412-247-5090
savolskis wasik glenn funeral home Inc3501 Main St  MUNHALL, PA 15120 412-462-2288
Schleifer Funeral Chapel Inc534 Jones Ave  BRADDOCK, PA 15104 412-271-1361
Schleifer Theodore J Jr Funeral Home Inc200 Comrie Ave  BRADDOCK, PA 15104 412-271-8690
Shields Memorial Chapel5315 Northumberland St  PITTSBURGH, PA 15217 412-683-6590
Soxman Funeral Homes Ltd7450 Saltsburg Rd  PITTSBURGH, PA 15235 412-793-3000
Stathers Funeral and Cremation Services Inc7400 Irvine St  PITTSBURGH, PA 15218 412-271-7030
Tunie Funeral Home Inc218 E 11th Ave  HOMESTEAD, PA 15120 412-462-6466
Turner T D Funeral Home10940 Frankstown Rd  PITTSBURGH, PA 15235 412-731-2340
Van Horn Funeral Home445 Beatty Rd  MONROEVILLE, PA 15146 412-372-5200
Watts Memorial Chapel Inc808 Talbot Ave  BRADDOCK, PA 15104 412-271-3880
William F Gross Funeral Home Ltd11735 Frankstown Rd  PITTSBURGH, PA 15235 412-242-6540
William R Welsh Funeral Home309 E 10th Ave  HOMESTEAD, PA 15120 412-461-3844
Wolfe Memorial Inc3604 Greensburg Pike  PITTSBURGH, PA 15221 412-731-5001
Wylie C Findlay Funeral Home Inc11311 Frankstown Rd  PITTSBURGH, PA 15235 412-731-2901
Yuhas Raymond J Funeral Home Inc701 Main St  EAST PITTSBURGH, PA 15112 412-823-1079